Why Young Christians Really Go To Church


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  • http://www.kristenwitherspoon.com/ Kristen Witherspoon

    I’d say this is pretty much true! I think all humans are created with need for meaning and love. And if a person wants to use another person to fill that position then they need to find a spouse ASAP. And when you’re a Christian… you are told churches are the preferred location for “hunting” a potential mate. Ha.

    I see a healthy church providing community and friendships while not pressuring the younger people to marry—but instead to seek more of God. :) He is the perfect match-maker after all. He seemed to do a good job in the bible anyways!

    Interesting graph, Daniel!

    • http://www.revivallifestyle.com/ Daniel Vogler

      Exactly church might be the perfect place to find a partner for many. Also let’s face it: if you’ve been going to the same church for a long time chances are you’re not going to hear anything you haven’t heard a thousand times already. It becomes more a game of walking out your knowledge and revelation instead of “learning something new”. So it’s understandable that the social factors becomes a bigger reason the longer you’re there, right?

      • Anonymous


        Last night I accidentally stumbled onto your blog. Usually I don’t post on things like this because I think it’s an awful forum through which to dialogue. But today I feel the need to respond to you as I look through some of your posts. I will make it short and respectful.

        It seems like you’re missing the point of Christianity and scripture. Now please bear with me…Just on this page here I find quote from you saying things like “I help believers and churches to step into their full potential and release heaven on earth every day” and “Also let’s face it: if you’ve been going to the same church for a long time chances are you’re not going to hear anything you haven’t heard a thousand times already”.

        As I legitimately ponder your position on the role of the Christian, which is as you say “to reach our full potential…of releasing heaven on earth” I am trying to understand what you’re trying to say in light of what we know objectively from the revealed word of God in scripture. In addition, I sit here and I consider your thoughts of the experience of someone who attends the same church for a long period of time (you don’t define long, but let’s assume it’s 5+ years), which is that people are “…not going to hear anything you haven’t heard a thousand times already”. As I compare your thoughts to scripture, there seems to be something missing, and that something seems to be Jesus.

        Jesus Christ, and Him crucified seems to be the main point of the entire new testament (and the whole bible for that matter). You see, the old testament points forward to Christ as a coming Messiah, and the NT points back at the pinnacle of history which is the cross, where God became both the “just and the justifier for those who have faith is Jesus” (Rom 3:26). The main point of the bible, Dan, is that we are a people in need of a savior and Christ is the answer. I’m not sure how that message can ever get old, regardless of how often we are reminded.

        An infinite God stepped out of heaven and took the form of His finite creation so that he could take the punishment that we deserve. A sacrifice of infinite and eternal value was given at the cross, without which we have no hope. I don’t know about you, but that truth never gets old to me, in fact, I can’t hear it enough. My soul longs to be reminded that I was once a sinner in desperate need of forgiveness and God, being rich in grace and mercy came down from his position far above me, and humbled himself to the point of death, even death on a cross. My heart wells up in adoration for the savior just thinking about it now.

        Don’t be fooled Dan, on the day of judgement God isn’t going to ask you what miracles you performed in His name, or how many demons you casted out in His name (Matt 7:21-23). The only thing that God is going to be concerned with is whether or not you magnified His son, and made much of Christ. He is going to be concerned whether or not you trusted in faith, that Christ’s righteousness has been applied to your life in order to make peace with God, because at the end of the day there is a debt to be paid. That debt is either paid at the cross or in hell.

        That is the point of scripture, and that is a truth that we need to be reminded of every second of every hour of every day.


        Jude 1:24-25
        24 To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy 25 to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.

        • http://www.revivallifestyle.com/ Daniel Vogler

          Thanks for taking the time to voice your opinion, Anonymous. I totally understand and agree with what you’re saying. I too believe it’s all about Jesus. I guess the only thing we have a different perspective on is that I don’t believe you need the church at all to magnify the name of Jesus. The body of Christ is very important I agree. But what exactly is that? Is it really that large meeting of strangers once a week who wouldn’t even notice if you were missing? In my opinion the real church is the true covenant relationships we have with true friends & family. Of course you can have these in your church, if you’re lucky (most don’t). But I’ve been around the globe and can testify that churches are more commonly marked by superficial, hypocritical meeting rather than true heart to heart fellowships.
          Also I don’t need to listen to sermons to be aware of what Jesus has done for me. In fact I believe most Christians are so dependant on these weekly sermons and gatherings to fuel their spiritual life that they have forgotten how to get in touch with God and grow spiritually themselves.
          At the end of the day there is no sermons, no word spoken by men, that will make us grow spiritually. Growth can only happen as we walk out what we have heard. God will not ask you on judgment day “how many verses were yo unable to quote? how many sermons about love did you listen to?” and so on. He will want to know how well we stewarded and applied every piece of truth that he has revealed to us. The issue is that the church has created such an illusion of fake busyness that causes people to believe they’re growing spiritually while in reality they’re doing nothing else but listening and discussing pointless theology with like-minded people. That theology won’t manifest itself by us knowing about it or even talking about it. It will only have any relevance in God’s eyes and to this world once we begin to live it out where it matters most: in the dark places of the earth. Christians will listen to a hundred sermons about love and then walk right by the homeless man on the sidewalk right after with their bible in their arm. That’s how perverted this whole thing has gotten. How did we get here? Because the church has turned believers into an intro-verted, incestuous people that cares more about they’re Christian meetings and their Christian reputation than anything Jesus ever commanded us to do.
          I haven’t ever heard of a Pastor who spent so much time with the drunk, that people thought he was a drunkard. Its hard to find a pastor who’s even talked to a non-believer in the last decade. Yet Jesus himself, the incarnated son of God, didn’t consider himself too important to direct most of his attention towards the broken and dirty.
          I’m convinced he would be ashamed of this western church we have going on these days.
          Well that being said I guess now you understand my statements.

          • Christine.R

            Firstly, this is absolutely hilarious! Thanks for sharing it Dan! :) I wanted to add on to your comments regarding the Church and what and/or who we’re supposed to be. As someone who grew up in a moderately religious Christian background (my parents are pastors in Asia, I currently live in North America); I strongly agree with your statements regarding the religiousness of the Church. I have been in those very same circumstances that you’ve mentioned wherein I truly was unable to have genuine friendships and covenant relationships in the church. However, when I have made such divine friendships; there are few who are willing to be transparent and walk with me as family. I struggled for many years, not knowing who I was (as a Son/Daughter, you know what I mean!). But I have found myself in Him on my walk, as He draws me closer!

            The last generation was taught to be a servant, and I firmly believe this is the reason for why many people are functioning in the “works” mentality, instead of just being a Son! Recently, there has been a shift in hearts of some people I know and they have had to leave a particular church and go to another one. Sometimes this change is permanent and other times, it is a season one is going through. But not many understand this occurrence and some may even be offended at the change. For me personally, the Lord has been teaching me about people and what goes on beyond the four walls of the Church. We are to be His hands and feet in this world and to do so we must be a Son or a Daughter because only they would know the heart of their Father. Life is not always black and white, and we must accept the fact that it’s okay to be in the grey area; to remain in Him and trust Him when we have many unanswered questions and to truly know deep down inside that He is faithful through it all because He is!

  • MJ

    Hmm then why do young christians with partners continue going to church?
    Always suspicious when the source of data isn’t mentioned. lol