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4 Lessons to Learn from The Valley of Dry Bones


Please watch this amazing video before you start reading. I promise you it’ll give you a whole new perspective on this stunning passage.

First of all I want to give credit to the creator of this stunning work Dan Difelice. No matter what profession or sphere in society – I just get excited when I see believers like him, who simply do an excellent job in what they do and create. Obviously the context of Ezekiel 37 is the rebellious attitude of Israel and the resulting exile and slavery. In this article I will not go into the historical facts and context, but instead I will focus on valuable lessons I think we can learn today from Ezekiel’s interaction with God.

Here are four revelations every revivalist should learn from Ezekiel 37:

1. God loves it when we think like He does

In verse 2 we can read how God asks Ezekiel: “Son of Man, can these bones live?”. Why would He ask this tricky question? Isn’t he the only one who really does know everything? Here’s the deal: God cares about what we think, because He knows we can only release His power on earth to the degree that we are aligned with His perspective. God’s about to rock Ezekiel’s perspective on the hopeless situation of Israel by showing Him that nothing is impossible, if he partners with heavenly perspective and power. 

2. We get to know Him by co-laboring with Him

Ezekiel’s answer to God’s question in verse 2 is: “Oh Lord God, you know (if these dry bones can live or not).”  Now God goes on  to tell him to prophesy and explains what’s gonna happen (V4-6). Then at the very end of His description, if we take a very close look, we can read of God saying: “Then you shall know that I [am] the LORD.”  Wow! Obviously Ezekiel’s humble answer wasn’t impressing God at all, but showed Him that he doesn’t really know Him and what he’s capable of and willing to do. This is a very similar situation to people asking if it’s God’s will to heal the sick. God has already declared His will and purchased the prize and is waiting for someone to know Him and His heart well enough to release His power on earth.  You can only fully get to know God by co-laboring with Him in obedience and risk. I’m sure Ezekiel was a whole bunch closer to God after this encounter. 

3. God loves to release His power through us

Did you ever ask yourself the question why God gave us the privilege of doing His work on this earth? It doesn’t seem to be a very great deal for Him. Human beings are short sighted, often times irresponsible, make mistakes, get discouraged, quit… if you read the bible and have some experience with God yourself, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. In the midst of all of this it seems like God still likes to partner up with us in His heavenly purposes. Think of the Angel that appeared to Phillipus in Acts who told him to go down the straight road to talk to a guy who needs to get saved. Did you ever wonder, why the Angel wasn’t sent directly to the guy on the street? Wouldn’t that have been way easier and more impressive? Somehow God respects the authority He has given us over this planet (Genesis 1) and prefers to build His kingdom through us. He actually enjoys using you – believe it or not.

4. Your words carry incredible power

One last thing God wanted to teach Ezekiel was that his words have power. Note how God didn’t do anything before Ezekiel spoke it out in the entire chapter. Many believers agree that negative words release negative power over situations and in our lives. The flip side of this reality, however, is that positive words release positive power over our circumstances. Our words truly are more powerful than we think, especially when they’re spoken in agreement with God’s will. I’m gonna share many crazy stories of declarations that released ridiculous breakthroughs and blessings over individuals, churches, businesses and neighborhoods within 24 hours or less. I’ve oftentimes been shocked when I saw the immediate impact and power of my declarations. Make sure to subscribe, if you don’t want to miss any future articles!


What do you take from this passage in the bible? How much are you aware of the power of your words?

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