Sexual Healing Poem Goes Viral!

What happens if you merge an incredibly powerful testimony with the power of creativity? You get this:

Wow! Did that blow you away, or what? This video was uploaded 6 months ago and has already received over 600, 000 hits! Imagine all the young lives this message has already impacted. I think this is perfect material to share on Facebook with your non believing friends or even with your youth group.

Here are the lyrics in case you want to take a closer look.

Do you have a testimony or a message that could impact this generation? What’s holding you back from creatively and effectively communicating it via the web? It’s never been as easy to get a message around the planet as it is today. 

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About Daniel Vogler

I like to live life to the fullest and explore the full potential we as human beings carry to impact the world for the better. I'm also a BSSM 3rd year graduate, speaker, artist and social marketing consultant. If you'd like to learn more about me, feel free to contact, or follow me.
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  • Jackson Wong

    This is great, gonna share it on my facebook!

    • Daniel Vogler

      I know, sweet lyrics, huh? You guys should do a duet together ;)

  • Hannah Wood

    I love this. I’m delighted it’s gone viral. The first time I heard it was on a Generation Church podcast on my commute up to school in the morning, and I could hardly see the road through my tears. :) It was right before my husband and I got married in September, and hearing Jeff’s victory reminded me of my own struggles in our relationship and how hard we had to fight for purity. But so, SO worth it.
    Thanks for posting this, Daniel!

    • Daniel Vogler

      Thanks for sharing how much this meant to you. I’m so happy for you! When did you get married?! Exiting times!

  • David Willard Jr

    Awesome! Gotta share this one!

    • Daniel Vogler

      Definitely sharable content haha

  • mia

    Wow I really needed this today. I’m so thankful that you posted this and that God lead me to it.