New Noah Trailer (2014) – Will the Movie Reflect the Biblical Story?

noah-poster-russell-crowe-2013-2014The 1st full length trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming Paramount Picture “Noah” has been made public today, November 14th. It will be opening in theatres on March 28, 2014 and stars A-class actors like Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins and Logan Lerman. You can watch the trailer below.


Subject to divine visions foretelling the end of the world, Noah attempts to tell his people to cease their mistreatment of the Earth in order to be saved. No one listens to his warnings, and Noah and his family are cast out to fend for themselves in the wilderness. Noah approaches a race of giant six-armed angels known as the “Watchers” to rally them to his cause.

Will the Movie Accurately Reflect the Biblical Story?

According to Wikipedia, when Christian screenwriter Brian Godawa acquired a copy of the script in October 2012, he posted an evaluation on his website with the title “Darren Aronofsky’s Noah: Environmentalist Wacko,” predicting that the film

“will be rejected by millions of devoted Bible readers worldwide because once again it subverts their own sacred narrative with a political agenda of pagan earth religion that is offensive to their Faith.”

Producer Scott Franklin told Entertainment Weekly,

“Noah is a very short section of the Bible with a lot of gaps, so we definitely had to take some creative expression in it. But I think we stayed very true to the story and didn’t really deviate from the Bible, despite the six-armed angels.”

“Worrisome” feedback from largely religious audiences at test screenings in October 2013 led The Hollywood Reporter to report on tensions between Aronofsky and Paramount over control of the final cut.

It sounds to me like the story may be told fairly close to the it’s biblical origin, but probably won’t reflect the meaning the story carries from a Christian perspective.


Your Opinion

Are you looking forward to this movie? Do you think Hollywood should produce more biblical movies, or stay away from the genre all together? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Rosa Tiemann

    I think that it will be good for Hollywood to produce Biblical movies. If people (non-Christians) like the movie, it can do them no harm, and if they are dissatisfied with it, it can only lead them to search for the truth in the real story.

    • Daniel Vogler

      I like that perspective, Rosa! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • RN Nutrition

      Except that it can do harm… there are already “Christians” who worship creation over the Creator.

  • Aron Brown

    Why six armed angels?

    Let us all keep in mind that unlike what the summary says: “…to tell his people to cease their mistreatment of the Earth in order to be saved.” The real reason humanity was being destroyed was because of SIN, and God was calling for repentance.

    It is also to good to point out the six armed beings are usually Hindu Gods. Shiva has six arms. Vishnu is also sometimes portrayed as having six arms, as is Ganesh.

    God is not concerned with the state of the Earth, the Earth is passing away, God is concerned with the state of our Hearts.

    This movie is putting the focus onto the Earth. And our mistreatment of it as the reason God is upset with humanity.

    “Mother Earth” anyone? They took a powerful Bible Story and turned it into a Pagan earth worshipping story.

    They will NOT be getting my money.

    • Matias

      Aron, I can certainly appreciate your concern, but I believe the Bible actually points to mankind’s corruption (I believe the actual translation of the word in meant “injustice”), as the reason for the deluge. At this point, I don’t even think that God was calling for repentance– he seemed pretty much DONE with everything and wanted it wiped away!

      It’s interesting to me that you point out that some Hindu gods had six arms. I think this is particularly interesting because, just as Joseph Campbell points out, all of mankind seems to share in similar myths and legends– a phenomenon I would argue points at the probable REAL HAPPENSTANCE of most of these old stories. It’s no secret that the Nephilim were around during the antediluvian times. Biblically, these were referred to as “powerful men of old, the famous men,” and in some texts even referred to as giants! As these creatures were the direct offspring of the “sons of God”, or essentially fallen angels (otherwise referred to as the Watchers), who had mated with “daughters of men”, one could argue that a six-armed being might not be out of the question after all! (As a side note, some scholars believe that this interbreeding of angelic beings with humans may actually be a diabolic plan from the original fallen one to attempt to corrupt the bloodline of humanity, which would ultimately thwart the prophecy of the coming of the Christ. This would certainly seem reason enough for God to destroy mankind and leave Noah, who was “perfect in his generations”, to repopulate the earth sans the Nephilimic bloodlines. Food for thought.)

  • webding

    Anything Truely Christian does not come out of Hollywood. Well said Mr Brown (in the comment below). May we endure till the end.

  • Aprilis

    I think that like the Dan Brown novel turned movie, Da Vinci Code, it behooves Christians (I being one) to see the movie (or read the book) and then be ready to lovingly correct any misconceptions. It opens the door to dialogue and possible witnessing.

    • RN Nutrition

      Except that these are not misconceptions, but rather intentional changes.

  • HISstory

    Watchers not biblical?.. What Bible are you guys reading? The book Daniel speaks of the Watchers. Genesis 6 speaks of the Sons of God who fell from God’s grace and had children with human women and bore children of great renowned, the men old, Giants. and the nephilim and Gabor. These were not the Sons of Seth garbage. If you read it in the original language, the world use is the word always used to refer to angels, not humans. If you had any doubt the Watchers exist, read the historical book(this is not gospel but Jude does quote Enoch ) the book of Enoch. (Noah’s Grandfather and a man that walked with God) and you will read all about the evil deeds of the Watchers and the nephilim conducted on earth with humanity. This is why God destroyed the earth, this was the great sins. It was an abomination to God’s creation and never meant to be. The Bible says Noah and his family were chosen because Noah was pure in his generations. His blood line was not tainted with blood from the evil fallen. It makes sense, how could the the Savior (Christ) be born with tainted blood of the Watchers? God would not allow this. So because of this great sin God took action. Just because many Christian do not research the Bible and the Tora does not mean it is unbiblical to talk about it. Ignorance or lack of knowledge doesn’t make something not so.

  • Robert Madewell

    I think Hollywood should stay away from biblical themes, because the religious get bent out of shape and it feeds their persecution envy.

    • Daniel Vogler

      Haha I agree!

  • davidcruz121

    I think the movie is not much about Noah, nor about the earth, and noteven about God ” The Creator”; Is a movie about us, people, mankind, I don´t think they are separating the decay of men with the decay of the earth, I think is approach as a whole in the movie.

    Most comments I have read are from people that have had such a hard time understanding the fact that Noah has contemplated kill his own family including himself.

    But, think about it, If God has chosen him to finish such a task as building an arc becouse mankind is evil, and Noah is a righteous man, why he would think he or his family is better than anybody else, if he is righteous man, is correct to get to the point when he knows that God judment includes himself and his family. Becouse inside of himhe knows he has sin as anybody else beside his respect for The Creator.

    That is justice, giving people what they deserve, if you de good, you get good, if you do wrong, you get wrong. Is extremely simple, it takes not Holy Spirit tounderstand that, but It does take the Holy Spirit to understand that if you do wrong, you get goodness. That was thething so hard for Noah to understand, that God will spare his and his family life.

    When He was going to kill the babies He said he felt nothing but love inside of him.

    But happenswith all of us is that we have picked a side, so we think, we are christians, and so is Noah, cuz God chosen him, a christian will never kill his own family, therefore thismovie is twisted, Noah has got not Jesus at all to rely on, there is not such term as forgiveness of sins orthat kind of stuff, he knows he and his family are guilty of the sickness of mankind. if He is a correct man, is right to get to the point of such insanity, kill himself and his family, and then find God in the midst of it.

    Doubting for a while if he disobey God or did the right thing. He was depressed after the waters were gone. His wife help him to get clear his mine, she said, you chose compassion and love, and he said he´s got love inside of Him. Gos is love.

    There is a lot more to discuss in this movie, like there is a lotto discuss from the book, like how did God speak to Noah, through which way?

    but I like the movie, I think it was a really good approach.

    It takes Holy Ghost to understand that you deserve to life when you know you are evil like everybody else in your heart.

    but thanks be to God for our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • davidcruz121

      forgive my spelling! English is my second language! I just read it again and lol!