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3 things that can limit God’s power in your life

Have you ever felt like bouncing on an invisible sealing or running into the same invisible walls over and over again and it seem like you just make it to a certain point and then get stuck? I did! And that made me wonder if we can limit God´s power in our lives and if yes, how can we get rid of these limitations to reach new levels in every area of our lives. You’ve certainly heard the sentence “God has a plan for your life” before. But when he has a plan, why do things sometimes seem not to work out or are just so complicated?

The answer is simple: God doesn`t souvreignly control your life. He does have  a plan for your life, but it´s your responsibility to decide if you partner with Him or not. The average person today complains more about life than they enjoy it.  The maturity of the people today would love to see their lives changed.  They want to be more bold and successful, they are unhappy with their job, they want to have better relationships; summed up: they want to be happy and enjoy their life.

If you want to have your life changed you need to do something different. Now you probably say: ‘Ya that´s easy to say. If you were in my situation you would see that it´s not that easy to change things. It is just not my personality to step out and take risk. I have to pay my rent, I cannot simply change my job.’, or whatever reason comes to your mind. For most people there seems to be a natural fear/ resistance against the unknown, against change even if they want it desperately. People don´t like to be where they are at but they are afraid to change things, which leads us to point 1 of the 3 things that can limit God’s power in your life:

1. Fear limits God

When we are afraid we start compromising. Fear of men, fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of losing friends, approval or your job. Luckily we know that love casts out ALL fear! Christians who don´t know the love of God fall apart like a 2$ suitcase. You can always tell the size of a man´s identity by the size of the problem it takes to discourage him.

2. Unbelief limits God

Unfortunately do we live in a culture of unbelief. The news, our friends and family and even most churches often times speak and act out of unbelief (unbelief = doubts in your heart). You might not doubt that God CAN do something but you might doubt his willingness to do it.

I can have the faith that God can heal but at the same time not believe that He will do it right now and here. I can know that God can supply all my needs but still be not sure if he will do it in my situation and today.

3.Disobedience limits God

If God tells you to do something – do it, even if it might not look like the smartest thing to do. Who cares about what other people say when you have a word from God? You might need to have some wisdom in how to do it or when to do it. God can even bless a mistake made out of faith more than a mistake made out of fear! If you step across the chicken line and stop compromising what God told you, you will see his power moving in your life. So get rid of fear and unbelief and be obedient to what He says and you will see greater miracles in your life than you can imagine. You are going to start trusting in the One who makes the impossible possible, in the One who provides and the One who is always for you!

What you can do:

Ask yourself: What are the areas you want to see some change in? What might be the reasons you don´t see change? Fear?  You have doubts? Disobedience? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you – He does a great job in leading us into all truth, if we let Him, and you know it’s the truth will set us free!

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