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Holy Spirit breaks out at Celebrity Event

This Gospel Session was part of a  3-day event that Oprah hosted in order to honor the Black Female “Legends” in which she incorporated the “Young Uns” (the next generation of Black Female artists). Watch yourself what happened when God’s presence landed right in the midst of these well known celebrities:

Here are some of the celebrity’s quotes written out:

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before in my life.” – Janet Jackson

“For the rest of my life I think that may be the most transcendently spiritual moment I’ve ever been part of.” – Diane Sawyer

“You can’t imagine sitting there in this spectacular environment and feeling the spirit of God and celebrating the blessings” – Alicia Keys

“I’m absolutely floored. Leaving here I will dream bigger and dream more.”  – Tyler Perry

“Oh, Maaan!” – Ashanti

To help clarify things right up front I want to say that no one here at revival lifestyle.com is saying that Oprah is any sort of authority when it comes to the topic of revival. Nor are we saying that what happened that night was a “revival”. In this testimony the power of God was clearly released through the testimonies of true believers (some of the singers). Oprah wasn’t a subject, but object to what God was doing. It is an amazing testimony of God’s presence manifesting and we should celebrate that He loves celebrities (including Oprah) enough to even show up at an event Oprah is hosting. It’s “the goodness of God, that leads people to repentance” (Rom 2:4). This day those people experienced a piece of His goodness, in how far this led them to repentance is information no one but themselves can claim to have.

What do you think was it, that caused this strong release of God’s presence in this meeting? Isn’t it just beautiful to see the impact God’s hope and joy had on these well know celebrities? Leave a comment below.

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