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Glory Cloud & Gold Dust at Bethel Church

If you are a first time visitors to my Blog I want to make clear that this is not an official website or statement of Bethel Church. I am a 3rd year student at Bethel’s School of Ministry, who simply loves to share about what’s happening in the “Revival Scene” all over the world. I can learn more about me and this site by clicking here. In this post I summarize the recent Glory Cloud Events and hope for your feedback on how these encounters have impacted you. All clear? Then let’s get started…

The Report:

Many experienced manifestations of Gold Dust for the first time

It all started in October 2011. Hundreds of believers travelled to Redding, CA for this year’s Open Heaven Conference at Bethel Church. The remaining congregation was engaged in a firetunnel (people lining up to pray for each other) during the very end of the last night session on October 14th, 2011. Suddenly a mysterious gold-sparkling cloud appeared on the right side of the stage and kept showing up over a time period of 2 hours. People also report to have found Diamonds on the floor, which appeared supernaturally and grew in size as they were watching. Some claim to have been covered with gold dust all over their shirts while worshipping God, others speak of having received gold-teeth. For many present this was the first supernatural encounter of this sort they have ever experienced. The picture on the left shows the fingers of a friend of mine after worshipping with her hands lifted high. From this day on the Cloud kept coming showing up at sunday night services at Bethel Church. It has now appeared 4 times already!

Here’s a video of the first night, October 14th:

The high quality video below shows the most recent appearance on November 13th:

Isn’t this fascinating? You can watch this specific Night-Service on by clicking here. You can also buy a subscription and watch all of the full recordings of the last services out of the archives.

Some of my fellow BSSM students report to have had Diamonds appear in their living rooms at the most random locations. Watch one report below:

Pretty fascinating, isn’t it? It might just happen in your living room so watch out when you lay down on your couch tonight!

It’s not the focus:

I like how Bethel’s leadership doesn’t seem to put any focus on this specific manifestation. Services continue as usual here and people gather to worship God and minister to each other – with or without manifestation. Whenever God does decide to show up like this again, the preacher of the night usually gets quiet and steps back in amazement. No one tries to explain what’s going on. Everyone simple marvels together as spontaneous worship and ministry breaks out. It’s  simply beautiful to see how the one thing in focus is God’s presence – no matter in which form He chooses to appear.

Pastor Bill Johnson responds to Glory Cloud Events:

This is a great video of Pastor Bill Johnson (Senior pastor of Bethel Church) sharing about the Gory Cloud and other supernatural manifestations that happened in the past at a local church service.

Bethel Church also recently released an official video, in which they compiled some great scenes. It’s definitely worth watching:

My favorite quote from this is:

“The church has been gathering together for decades around a sermon. Israel camped around the presence… the presence of God is the greatest gift we have. ” – Bill Johnson

In this video Pastor Bill is sharing a super-funny story of 2 children answering to Glory Cloud Sceptics at one of Bethel’s services.

Tell us your story:

If you were at one of these services and had an encounter with the Lord you want to share, this is the perfect spot! Let the revivallifestyle-community and me know about how He touched your life, so we can celebrate His goodness together! I’ve also been receiving reports from other churches throughout the US and the world sharing about Gold Dust appearing in their services or prayer meeting. If your church is experiencing something similar, please comment below and let all of us know what’s happening!

Stay Updated:

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