Glory Cloud & Gold Dust at Bethel Church

If you are a first time visitors to my Blog I want to make clear that this is not an official website or statement of Bethel Church. I am a 3rd year student at Bethel’s School of Ministry, who simply loves to share about what’s happening in the “Revival Scene” all over the world. I can learn more about me and this site by clicking here. In this post I summarize the recent Glory Cloud Events and hope for your feedback on how these encounters have impacted you. All clear? Then let’s get started…

The Report:

Many experienced manifestations of Gold Dust for the first time

It all started in October 2011. Hundreds of believers travelled to Redding, CA for this year’s Open Heaven Conference at Bethel Church. The remaining congregation was engaged in a firetunnel (people lining up to pray for each other) during the very end of the last night session on October 14th, 2011. Suddenly a mysterious gold-sparkling cloud appeared on the right side of the stage and kept showing up over a time period of 2 hours. People also report to have found Diamonds on the floor, which appeared supernaturally and grew in size as they were watching. Some claim to have been covered with gold dust all over their shirts while worshipping God, others speak of having received gold-teeth. For many present this was the first supernatural encounter of this sort they have ever experienced. The picture on the left shows the fingers of a friend of mine after worshipping with her hands lifted high. From this day on the Cloud kept coming showing up at sunday night services at Bethel Church. It has now appeared 4 times already!

Here’s a video of the first night, October 14th:

The high quality video below shows the most recent appearance on November 13th:

Isn’t this fascinating? You can watch this specific Night-Service on by clicking here. You can also buy a subscription and watch all of the full recordings of the last services out of the archives.

Some of my fellow BSSM students report to have had Diamonds appear in their living rooms at the most random locations. Watch one report below:

Pretty fascinating, isn’t it? It might just happen in your living room so watch out when you lay down on your couch tonight!

It’s not the focus:

I like how Bethel’s leadership doesn’t seem to put any focus on this specific manifestation. Services continue as usual here and people gather to worship God and minister to each other – with or without manifestation. Whenever God does decide to show up like this again, the preacher of the night usually gets quiet and steps back in amazement. No one tries to explain what’s going on. Everyone simple marvels together as spontaneous worship and ministry breaks out. It’s  simply beautiful to see how the one thing in focus is God’s presence – no matter in which form He chooses to appear.

Pastor Bill Johnson responds to Glory Cloud Events:

This is a great video of Pastor Bill Johnson (Senior pastor of Bethel Church) sharing about the Gory Cloud and other supernatural manifestations that happened in the past at a local church service.

Bethel Church also recently released an official video, in which they compiled some great scenes. It’s definitely worth watching:

My favorite quote from this is:

“The church has been gathering together for decades around a sermon. Israel camped around the presence… the presence of God is the greatest gift we have. ” – Bill Johnson

In this video Pastor Bill is sharing a super-funny story of 2 children answering to Glory Cloud Sceptics at one of Bethel’s services.

Tell us your story:

If you were at one of these services and had an encounter with the Lord you want to share, this is the perfect spot! Let the revivallifestyle-community and me know about how He touched your life, so we can celebrate His goodness together! I’ve also been receiving reports from other churches throughout the US and the world sharing about Gold Dust appearing in their services or prayer meeting. If your church is experiencing something similar, please comment below and let all of us know what’s happening!

Stay Updated:

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  • Joshua

    I am crying as I write this, Daniel. I felt it in my heart to attend Open Heaven Conference but I didn’t make an effort to go. I see the cloud of my master’s visitation to Redding. I am so heart broken that I didn’t go. I’m so heart broken. All I’m thinking is “I could have been there!” Truly I am blessed tonight to have seen this video. I immediately felt the Holy Spirit pouring out a desire to seek more… Man, I’m so heart broken.. I’m so hungry. Thank you for sharing my brother.. Pray for me.

    Josh from Nemaska

    • Daniel

      Hey Josh, don’t beat yourself up :) All signs & wonders point to a higher reality and have a meaning behind them. Every time God reveals His presence in miraculous ways (like the cloud on the mountain in Exodus), the message really was an invitation into RELATIONSHIP with Him. Relationship is always built on trust and trust is always built by consistent exposure to one’s presence. The fact that you missed this one encounter with God’s manifest presence doesn’t affect your ability to build relationship with Him at all! It completely fulfilled it’s purpose by causing you to want to seek His presence more, as you just told me. That’s all He really wants. Hope that helped!
      Bless ya!

    • bloomingdedalus

      Pharaoh’s magicians were nearly as powerful as Moses. The most reasonable belief is that the ministers at these churches are defrauding people. You can find videos of them doing this in Puerto Rico as well – the minister was arrested for molesting young people at the church. This is a gang – not the work of God. I grew up in these churches and would advise anyone to stay as far away as possible from these crooks. The Bible is very clear regarding the level of deception you see the ministry team at Bethel engaging in – such people are considered among the worst in scripture.

      • Terminate Damnation

        I’ve been searching this stuff out myself since I heard of this happening. Many are concerned it’s not of God. but let me ask you this?when someone sees these type of manifestations, what is the fruit of it? It sounds like to me, most everyone moves closer to Jesus, People are getting healed, People are repenting of their sins.Finding true salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. Peoples lives are changed, addictions broken. hmmm I’m starting to see a pattern here. If it was not of God don’t you think perhaps other things may be happening. Probably the opposite of what I already mentioned above. sickness,bondage, nightmares,confusion, death, feeling of brokenness,a falling away from the truth which is Jesus, but NO people are experiencing the complete opposite of those i just mentioned. God moves when He wants, The way He wants. I pity those who put Yahweh in a box. For he cannot be contained. But he will reveal himself to those who pursue him with a humble heart. and I truly see that desire of Love for God in this ministry and those across the world this is happening too. Peace. Fight the Good Fight!

  • Marianne Kogge

    I was there and this video just doesn’t do it justice. It was incredible. One thing I can add is that there were about 800-1000 people at the conference that night, but by the time this cloud appeared there were only about 100-150 left. I was last in line for the fire tunnel when I heard people screaming and pointing to the front right hand corner of the church and we all ran over. The video looks like smoke, but it was all gold. Sometimes it would rain down on us and sometimes it would rain up. It would just appear out of nowhere in billowing bursts in mid air about 3/4 the way up between the floor and the ceiling. The most intense worship broke out, and from those I spoke to, our commitment to honor and seek after God has only grown, I don’t think any of us will ever be the same again. I believe this is just the beginning of great things to come!

    • Daniel

      wow, thanks for the report Marianne!

  • Toni

    October 29, while dreaming, I had several different scenes where a red feather showed up in each one, somewhere in the air in the room, usually near the ceiling. We watched Bethel the next night, and Bill mentioned that occasionally a red feather shows up inside the glory cloud. The following night, after a worship practice at church that our Ministry team was doing, there was a red feather on one of the chairs in the sanctuary, the exact size that I saw in my dream sequences! I packed it in my stack of books, only to lose it the next day. I asked God to find it for me, because it meant so much to me. This last Friday, it showed back up in my car, (that I had ransacked, trying to find it), and another friend handed it to me when she found it! I have it now, as a treasure, like the woman who lost her coin and then found it again! I truly believe Papa just loves to shower us with His blessings! He’s so good!!

    • Daniel Vogler

      Wow! Thanks for the report, Toni! That’s so exiting!
      Do you have any thoughts on what the red feather might represent? I guess it only really is important that you feel love and blessed by daddy haha
      Oh, if you’d like to share a picture of the feather with us, you can do so on my Facebook page ( I’d love to see it :D

  • Gramps

    For over the past week I have had random money amounts appear from no where. I was cautious to tell my little brother that coins (small change) have been cropping up AND IM NOT LOOKING FOR IT! It’s just there. Im glad i did though cause he is a little hesitant on random miracles…anyway that night in the car park with him i stepped on a $5 note, and then the next day as i put some trash in the bin outside Subway next to it was $20…the amounts seem to increase from 5c… now $20. Why money i don’t know, especially that i know the origin and reserve bank/illuminati etc etc…but it can be used as a vehicle when put in motion for His glory :)

    • Daniel Vogler

      That’s such a fun testimony, Gramps! Thanks for sharing this with us! I declare it’ll turn into $100-bills! BAM!

  • Dave Cajes

    One of my dreams is to be a student of Bethel School of Ministries!
    Things here in Davao City, Philippines are not the same as before. Healing, miracles and transformation is everywhere and his taking us to higher level each time. Hope to see those glory clouds here!

    • Daniel Vogler

      I’m sure you’ll be able to come here soon, Dave! Wow, that sounds amazing! Transformation is what it’s really all about. I’ve never been to the philippines, but definitely wanna go soon.

  • Anonymous

    Cloud prophesied and wisdom about it’s meaning …Randall Worley at Bethel 3/26/10

    • Daniel Vogler


  • Joseph

    Well, I was watching a Phil Wickham video and I saw the phrase Glory Cloud in the comments. Obviously, this is something you stop what you’re doing to google haha. This is just awesome. The Spirit of God and His presence is truly there. This has encouraged me to be willing for God to use me in ways that my mind can’t even comprehend.
    I definitely would like to make a trip up to the church and hear Bill speak some more. Check out a few sermons then drive back down to my home, in Southern California.

    Praise God! He is doing and will do great things with you guys!

    • Daniel Vogler

      Hey Joseph, I’m glad the videos inspired you. He truly is a God of in-comprehensive greatness. I love Phil Wickham’s stuff!
      You can check out a lot of Bill Johnson’s sermons on YouTube. Also Bethel Church’s services are live-streamed and recorded on I subscribed myself for I think it’s $9/month, but it’s totally worth it!
      I always look for reasons to travel down to SoCal. Simply loving it down there ;)
      Bless you!

  • Doc Viewer

    Omg! What a load of crap! Can’t believe you guys can all be taken in by such heresy. You’ll be seeing crying statues and stomata next.

    I know people who were misguided and lost their faith as a result of the last wave of false prophecies after the Toronto blessing – it’ll be the same with this, mark my words…

    • Daniel Vogler

      Hey Doc,
      I can understand your frustration. I myself have had friends, who’ve been pursuing God with all their hearts and ended up in a pretty weird place. That does however not mean that there isn’t a rightful place for supernatural manifestations like this one. The bible is full of them. I think as long as the “sign” is not becoming the main attraction, but stays what it is – a sign to the greater reality of God’s goodness and manifest presence – we can enjoy phenomena like this one in a healthy way. Without focusing on them or getting “addicted” to them.

      What exactly do you think is a “heresy” here? And what are you thoughts on the supernatural manifestations recorded in the bible?

      You see, I’m not expecting anyone who’s only able to see the videos to expect these manifestations were real. I’d probably struggle believing it myself if I hadn’t been there to be honest.

      God bless you!

      • Doc Viewer

        Hey – thanks for the reply, and just so you and your readers know – I have nothing against you personally, you are clearly hungry for God.

        ‘focussing’ and being ‘addicted’ as you say is def one aspect. By posting the vids on YouTube it’s created the most overwhelming hype – across USA and now here in uk.

        I sense that the church is being deceived but a lust for spiritual power that came into more mainstream charismatic churches thru the latter rain movement – a quick google will give you an overview of opinion about the heresy it brings.

        The idea of new breeds of Christians weilding great power is a seductive and tempting one – but one that Jesus doesn’t overtly promise even tho he does say ‘greater things than I’
        In fact he promises great suffering for Christians.

        Im all for the manifestations in the bible but what I see on YouTube is not that – its mass hysteria.

        • Doc Viewer

          As you say, transformation of lives is what’s its all about – but what the bible actually says is that it’s the death and resurrection of God’s own son Jesus that transforms lives because we’re all so sinful. And that’s something only God can do – that for me is the biggest miracle – and one we don’t hear enough about currently because we’re all looking for feathers under every cornflake.

          I don’t mean to piss on the bonfire, I’ve just seen too many friends disappointed by prophecies that don’t come true and hype that doesn’t live up to the, well, hype.

          • Daniel Vogler

            Okay I think I understand your point more now. Thanks for taking the time to explain a bit more about where you’re coming from.
            I actually had to smile when you talked about searching for angel “feathers under every cornflake” haha
            There’s definitely something on that. I personally have never felt extremely “hyped” by these things, but I know what you’re talking about.
            I see it like this: By His grace I keep living according to God’s promises and power, pursuing my divine destiny and happily accepting the honorable duty of releasing heaven on earth (which every believer carries in my interpretation of the NT). Whenever “Glory-Manifestations” like this one occur around me, I’m happy, but it certainly doesn’t become my new focus, nor am I ever searching for them. God’s presence is with us, always – weather we feel/see it or not – that’s what He promised us.

            At the end what really matters is our living relationship to Holy Spirit and a constant transformation of our thinning into alignment with the Truth of His word. It’s certainly not wise to base our hope for the future on people (or prophets), although their input can be very inspiring and hope-boosting.

            I agree with you on the point that signs like this can carry the potential of distracting believers. But so does anything else. We can even get so caught up in studying the bible, that we forget to just be with Him.

            At this point I’d like to mention that Bethel Leadership never released any of the Glory Cloud Videos on YouTube for exactly that reason. Only after other videos have been swirling through the web (and it’s already been too late), the leadership decided to put out an explanation-like video. Also the Glory Cloud isn’t the focus here at all. My friends and I go to church and live our faith, based on the finished works of the cross, His grace and the beauty of christian community. The cloud rarely ever gets mentioned in conversations I’m involved in. If it shows up, that’s great. If not, no one cares :)

            I hope that helped you a bit to gain more clarity over the intentions and motivations behind all of this here in Redding. I can understand, though, that if all you see at your end are these little 2min videos of Glory Clouds – not the 30 years of faithful walk with Christ and ministry to the community – You come to a different conclusion.

            Bless you! I love the UK by the way ;)

          • Doc Viewer

            Hi there 
            Thank you for taking the trouble to write back – I appreciate your time and your consideration of my points. 

            I guess it’s just so easy for the ‘faithful serving for 30 years’ (which God totally honours) to be eclipsed in the eyes of random youtube viewers by sensationalism. 

            Wouldn’t it be a shame if people that didn’t know God didn’t hear that he loved them? Every day it’s still a miracle to me that God loves me, not just that, but he likes me as well! Because he has made me – through Jesus – His son. I have been adopted as a son. Not just a dutiful worker…We all have. This IS the gospel, the good news. And the fact that I can be God’s precious child means more to me than glitter. 

            So if it were me I’d make this the message you preach on the streets – God loves sinners who need him – you, me, broken people – we all need Him. 
            Because only he can fix us in our inmost being. And restore us to sonship. 

            Even as I write I’m afraid this excites me more than feathers and glitter. 
            And for those that need to hear that God forgives them, loves them, will heal and restore them, this is the message we should be sharing…on the streets, from the rooftops and thru YouTube.

            God Bless you in your walk with Him who loves you unconditionally. 

            All best 

          • Daniel Vogler

            I respect all opinions here on my Blog and do like a good old discussion every now and then ;)
            I like hearing how aware you are of the precious gift of His unconditional love. We should never take that for granted.
            I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but every week here in Redding there’s literally 1000 homeless people fed, 1500 students preaching the love of God in over 30 different creative forms of Outreaches and countless loving encounters happening outside in every-day situations. Not even to speak of the healing rooms to which over 500 people show up each week.
            The love of God definitely is in the center of everything here (even though it might sometimes seem like it doesn’t get mentioned a lot verbally in sunday services).

            All best to you, too!

  • Charley

    I just want to commend you for the way you posted information about this. I’ve never been to your church. I’ve just heard some sermons, but I really get the sense that there is a right attitude being set about this phenomenon. Whatever it is, it is clearly not being worshipped. God is being worshipped. There is a difference between worshipping a manefestation and worshipping God, yes? Well, I have seen nothing yet to indicate that Bethel is doing anything but looking upon what God is doing in wonder. With videos like this, such a happening could easily be ‘prostituted’ out like Bill J. put it so well. But if anyone is doing that, I don’t see it.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that hearing about this has boosted my faith.

    • Daniel Vogler

      Hi Charley,
      Great to hear this post helped you get a perspective on what’s going on here. Thanks for letting me know how this impacted you!
      Where are you from?

  • nick

    For no marvel for satan himself is transformed into an angel of light! Deceived by signs and wonders, if it were possible to deceive even the very elect! Come on people of God read your Bible, this is just weird what does it prove! We dont need signs we have been given proof already! Jesus said you evil and adulteress generation why seek a sign! Satan will give a counterfeit of God so that when someone calls it out it will gender a conflict and cause even more division! The big picture is to keep people away from brokeness, conviction, holiness and people crying out to God! I cant believe noone is calling this what it is deceived by signs and wonders, an angel of light, same spirit that made joseph smith believe it was from God, and look what false religion that started!

    • nick

      Hyper spiritualism and sensationalism is dangerous!

    • Jared

      Nick, I feel sad that you don’t believe we will see any signs from our Almighty God and if we do it’s automatically assumed that its evil. I will pray for you and to help stop the divide in the Christian religion. This is the critical time when we should stay close, not separate. We are all one through Jesus and children of God. To believe that we will not be blessed by wonders and signs from our Father is tragic. As many miracles were performed in the Bible, many more will continue in our future.

    • QueenOfOurHome

      Nick, who said they were “seeking” signs ? I didn’t read that anywhere. They were worshiping and praying. My son, age 10, was recently worshiping and praying…..not for signs, not for manifestation, but for the life of a premature baby. Gold dust appeared on the people who were at this summer camp worship service. This is a rented facility, no time to “rig” up any “tricks” the building is used for many many different denominations. I don’t believe this will cause anyone to stray from God or the way of salvation, it will only solidify the truth for those that experience it. For those who are “luke warm” in their faith and relationship with God instead of being open to the true presence and passion he can put in our hearts, I feel sorry they are missing out.

  • Jake =

    Sandy Simpson says when this has been tested it has always been glitter where is all this stuff now . Also please email me back at with an answer thanks

    • Daniel Vogler

      Who’s Sandy Simpson? I can’t speak for all glory cloud appearances across the globe. Who knows, maybe some have really tried to fake it for some weird reason. What’s interesting about this though, is that the gold dust was all over the place (people, chairs..) during he service, but then disappeared again.

  • EmmyBird

    I am a student at William Jessup University in Rocklin. I am still new to the Christian community and new to the belief of the supernatural power of what God is still doing today in our world. I grew up surrounded by people who believe in Jesus or in God generally, but when it came to believing in the supernatural it was usually linked to New Age thinking.

    There has been a couple of times during worship at school where I had got a vision of gold glitter snowing on us during our weekly chapel. I have always thought it was my imagination! I hear a lot about Bethel at Jessup, but have never heard of the Glory Cloud before today. Very confirming!

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Daniel Vogler

      Glad to hear you found this news confirming, Emmy. I’m sure your visions will become reality some day! Bless you!

  • Mame

    In the old testament when Solomon prayed 1st temple: their Glory cloud was so intense they could not be inside the temple, but you, you get gold and diamonds. Wow!! More special than God’s manifestation to His people!!

  • Mary

    I had a dream recently and in the dream I saw an angel all around the angel including its body was fire. Could not look at the face as it looks like a hot fire its eyes.the angel had a scroll in its hand and was standing in the air above my head the angel opened the scroll half way and what appears like gold dust poured on my head and all over me,then I woke up.

  • Liana

    Hi Daniel! Thanks for sharing your experience with the glory of God. I am from Miami and lately I have been seeking more of God and He began to direct me to different YouTube channels like for example: Todd White, Pete Cabrera Jr. , Bill Johnson, and so many others. I have been seeing and learning so much that I had no clue that God still manifests His glory in such an amazing way. The church today has a form of Godliness, but denying it’s power. God is God and He can do whatever pleases Him. I have heard of people raising the dead and limbs appearing where there were no limbs. We need to remember what Jesus said when he raised Lazarus from the dead, ” Didn’t I tell you if you believe, you will see the glory of God.” As a believer in Jesus Christ, I believe that we will do the same as Jesus and even greater works. And we do and see these manifestations for His Glory!! Everything we do is for His Glory. We don’t worship the manifestations, we worship the great I AM! God bless and please pray that our hunger for Jesus will increase daily! Blessings to you and yours my brother!

  • randy

    I am not surprised to see God do signs and wonders. I myself have seen this manifestation of gold dust. and really dust of many colors. God has never stopped creating since he created the Earth at the beginning, otherwise we wouldn’t exist. The real problem is we don’t see God as great as he really is . He is most powerful and capable of anything. These signs and wonders will draw you closer to Christ and create a great zeal in your heart. I’ ve never seen this manifestation without it resulting in people lifting up Jesus. People just get supper hungry for God. Now tell me if that’s such a bad thing..

    • Yohanna

      I’ve never had gold dust appear on my hands but when I see pictures of people it has happened to, it reminds me of this beach I visited near San Diego California. On this particular beach there appeared to be gold dust in the sand and you could also see it sparkling throughout the water. When you dug your hands in the sand the gold dust would stick to your hands after you wipe off the sand, and it was absolutely beautiful! It made me think of how incredible our God is. I had never noticed anything like this at a beach before. After doing some research later I found out the mineral was called Mica but it looked just like the gold dust you see in pictures on people.

  • graham hagan

    I see some are for and some are against signs that they don’t understand,those that reject signs use the argument that Jesus rebuked the religious leaders for wanting signs. They had already seen many sign and miracles, and Jesus even said to them if one rose from the dead you wouldn’t believe.. This proved correct when they tried to put Lazarus to death. Jesus wasn’t against signs he used it often to prove to none believers he was who he claimed to be. To reject signs because Satan has counterfeit signs is ridiculous, you can only have counterfeit signs if there are real signs to counterfeit. Satan’s greatest success has been in making Christians fear miracles and the supernatural because of their fear of being deceived .Look for the fruit when these signs appear,don’t be put of by someone elses fears

  • bloomingdedalus

    “No one who practices deceit
    shall remain in my house;
    no one who utters lies
    shall continue in my presence.” – Psalm 101:7

  • Georgina

    I was home alone late at night in my bedroom once praying that God would give me the ears to hear him more clearly and I heard music, it was 3 notes running smoothly together, I’ve never heard anything like it before, I jumped because it was so unexpected but as soon as I heard it I was deep in Gods presence, have you ever experienced anything like this?

    Ps. I’m from a c3 church in Australia :)

  • Victoria Grace Roughton

    My brother and his friends experienced the same thing, except they weren’t in church when that happened they were at school and some at home they found gold dust on the palm of their hands. They live in India. So I believe it.

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  • Livin4Him

    If it’s okay, I’d like to ask a question. ?
    Im from a AG church, I believe in miracles.I have my prayer language and I’m not opposed to signs and wonders.
    Several months ago I found Bill Johnson on YouTube and was intrigued. I loved his teachings. I started buying books and so forth.
    My family travel to your church for certain events even.
    well one day I was watching YouTube vidJohnson publiclyeos of Bill Johnson on my smart tv and when watching it on my tv, the next thing will automatically play.
    Im sitting there watching this conference that came on (catching fire) and I see some crazy stuff?? It really concerned me. That’s when I learned about Toronto blessing.. people were being touched and constantly saying “WHOA” and twitching and just really strange stuff. Then there was a fire tunnel and people would start manifesting these things. What is going on here and does Bill Johnson publicly endorse this?
    Other videos on there of the same kind of thing too… I wasnt opposed at first but than I grabbed my bible and stuck my finger in it and just opened up to where my finger was and it was on 2 Peter 1.
    I then turned a 180 & stopped praying in the Spirit, I felt so amess. It was like I was shutting out it all. My life was beginning to go downhill, spiritually speaking, but I have the Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit us like my rope when I was drifting away to sea, before I could get too far, he yanked me back to the boat :)
    What I’m trying to say is that I was so confused still am about all the weird physical manifestations. I don’t feel it could be of God. Self control is one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. That stuff was uncontrolled. So can you explain about this and does Bethel endorse this?

  • Yohanna

    Why are people afraid of the supernatural? Fear will only keep you from experiencing all God has for you. It can become a block or a wall. It is true that not everything happening in the supernatural realm is of God, but we have to be careful to say something could not be God. That is dangerous ground. What do we know? The more I find out about our world and the Universe and how things work, the more I realize I know nothing! The knowledge we have of God is like one grain of sand compared to all the beaches in the world. We can’t put Him in a box and say He would never manifest in this way or that way. All the enemy does it try to copy what God has already done, just as the magicians in the Bible turned their staffs into snakes as Moses had done. Signs and wonders point believers and unbelievers back to God, they increase our faith and cause us to hunger for more of Him. They also bring joy and healing! Early this morning I had a glory cloud appear in my bedroom during a time of praise and worship! It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever encountered and I will never forget. I was in a bad mood yesterday, but today I woke up smiling after that encounter. How humbling it is when God visits you in that way! We are just dust. I want all He has for me, even if it’s a little scary and even if it makes me uncomfortable or look silly to others.