Father Of Lights – New Movie by Darren Wilson

I’m exited about this newest creation by Darren Wilson. Before I get all caught up in talking about it, watch the official Teaser yourself. Then learn more about it below, if you want.

“Father of Lights” is the last part of Darren Wilson’s trilogy and will be released in the first half of 2012. His prior movies “Finger of God” and “Furious Love” were stunning reports of the power of God at work all over the world in out time. Now Wilson says he wants to round it all up:

“…I find it interesting how God started my story, and the story of these films, kind of on the periphery, with the signs and wonders phenomena, and has slowly moved me closer and closer into the very heart of the gospel. Gemstones and gold dust are great and all, but they aren’t smack in the center of God’s heart. Neither are miracles. With Furious Love, we’re getting closer, moving into His love for the lost and the broken. But with Father of Lights, we hit the center of all things, and it’s going to make some people very uncomfortable. Especially religious people…” – Darren Wilson

I like the straight forward approach Wilson takes when it comes to the topic of revival. He’s not trying to make things look nicer than they are. In fact, he’s actually trying to get the Body of Christ off it’s butt – excuse me – by visually reminding Believers at the power that’s available to them and the need of the world to get exposed to it:

“…This will be a monumental call to the church to stand up and finally do what we have been called to do around the world. If we aren’t going to love the world around us, then we might as well pack it all up and go home. If we don’t love, and if we don’t bring freedom with us, then we are simply another religion, lumped in with the rest of them…” – Darren Wilson

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty exited about this. Good job, Darren!

Did you see Finger of God and Furious Love? How did those movies inspire you?

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  • Christine.R

    Couldn’t help but notice you had written an article about this movie!!! :O….I’ve also been anticipating it all this time! Can’t wait to watch it! The trailer itself is exceptional, & that second quote you have on here is so powerful! Those movies opened my eyes, & inspired me to begin to walk in and live out love! :)

    • http://www.revivallifestyle.com Daniel Vogler

      Thats’ awesome Christine! In 2009 when I was still contemplating going to School of Ministry at Bethel a friend showed me “Finger of God” and through it I realized that all these speakers who have been encouraging me throughout the years (Bill, Banning, Chris O…) were from Bethel and I felt the Lord say “Go” as I watched the film. It’s definitely changed my life, because now I live in California and I’ve met most of my closest friends here.

  • MagicCajes

    This is sweet, im so excited!

  • DaveCajes

    hahahaha i had goosebumps all throughout the trailer!!

    • http://www.revivallifestyle.com Daniel Vogler

      It’s a good one, isn’t it? Although it didn’t really tell me what the movie is going to be about. I got more from Darren’s quotes than the trailer…

  • Andrea Zirbel

    I’m so excited!