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Christian Revival history

Many believers across different denominations think of  words like “revival”, “healing” and  “gifts of the spirit” as fairly young inventions of the charismatic movement. They call it “charismatic hype” and start explaining that the charismatic movement had only been around for 60 years, hence is not the original expression of the church. In this article series I want to show you that christian revival and its supernatural aspects are not a new idea or theology, but in fact the oldest and most original expression of the church ever since Christ’s commission.

I decided to take you with me on a very exiting journey through church history on which we’re specifically going to research if  “signs and wonders” and “revival” did cease with the original church and lives of the first apostles or not. Here’s the preview (will turn into clickable links as soon as article is written):

  • The Cathari
  • The Waldenses
  • The Reformation (1517-1700)
  • The Anabaptists (1525-*)
  • The French Prophets (1520-*)
  • The Moravian Revival (1400-*)
  • The Methodist Revival (1700-1900 A.D.)
  • The Great Awakening (1726-1750 A.D.)
  • The Second Great Awakening (1800-1840 A.D.)
  • Azusa Street & the Pentecostal Revival (1906-1909 A.D.)
  • The Zion City Revival (1906-*)
  • The Healing Revival (1946-1956 A.D.)
  • The Latter Rain Revival (1948-*)
  • The Charismatic Movement (1960-NOW)
  • The Third Wave (1977-NOW)
  • While looking at all those history shaping movements, we’re also going to learn a lot from the failures and successes of the mighty men and women of God throughout history. I hope you’re exited yet!
    Let me know if you think I should add any movement to this list by leaving a comment below! Any other thought or comments – as always – are welcomed as well.
    *the star indicates that it’s impossible to assign a clear end to a revival. This usually is the case if a revival movement directly turned into an other movement or directly inspired other movements.
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