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4 Steps to Supernatural Breakthrough in Prayer

This is a guestpost by my amazing friend Kevin Shorter, who’s regularly releasing amazing nuggets of wisdom over on his Prayer Coach Website. I’m excited to have him direct a few words to the Revival Lifestyle Community today! Let’s leave him some love by commenting below and sharing this post! Take us away, Kevin!

I recently came across a website that seeks to prove that God is imaginary. The author’s number one proof that God is imaginary centers around prayer. As stated on the site, Jesus said many outstanding things about prayer: “everyone who asks receives,” “nothing will be impossible to you,” “you will receive whatever you ask,” “believe that you receive what you ask in prayer, and it will be yours,” and “ask anything in Jesus’ name, and He will do it” (Matthew 7:8Matthew 17:20Matthew 21:21Mark 11:24, and John 14:14 respectively).

These are great encouraging passages for believers. The proof against God goes, that Jesus made these statements about prayer, Jesus is God and cannot lie, but prayer does not work. It is this last statement where the Christians should jump up and complain. But for the sake of argument, the site does give a basis for its claim that prayer doesn’t work. It states that if you gather Christians together to pray for a cure for cancer there will be no answer.

In other words, Jesus declares that miracles should be a normal experience for a praying Christian, but Christians, according to that site, do not show a supernatural lifestyle.

Are we to get mad at the site for its observation? What are we to do? Obviously We Need Supernatural Breakthrough in Prayer. This post will take you through four steps to gain supernatural breakthrough in prayer.

1. We Need Faith to Have Supernatural Breakthrough in Prayer

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed… (Matthew 17:20).

We develop faith through are personal time with God. Learn more about Him through reading the Bible. Be encouraged by stories like Joshua asking for the sun to stand still. God is the same yesterday, today, He can do it again. Learn more about God through your personal prayers. Ask God things in prayer and wait for how He answers you. This communication with God will grow your faith.

We develop faith through taking risks. We need to step out of the boat and see if we sink. We need to place our feet in the roaring river to see if God stops its flow. Faith is demonstrated by doing things that show belief in God over things that you see. You will never see miracles through your prayer if you are too afraid to take risks in what you pray.

2. Holiness Will Lead You to Take Risks in Prayer

Without holiness no one will see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14).

Holiness does not mean you never sin. Holiness is primarily being set apart. This will include making choices that are different than the world. It includes a healthy fear of God that will keep you from sin. However, holiness primarily is a commitment of the heart to follow God above all else. This will include choosing to obey God’s leading to pray for someone even if you are afraid they will mock you or afraid that God will not come through. What do we love more, God or our comfort?

3. Thankfulness Will Move God’s Spirit Toward Breakthrough

Give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:17-19).

Thanksgiving is the oil that enables God’s Spirit to greater functionality through your life. Thanksgiving reveals what you are focusing on. Doubt and fear focus on the circumstances of life. Thanksgiving realizes that every good thing comes for our Father. Thanksgiving also is an act of faith in the prayer promises of Jesus — the One who promised is faithful to complete it.

4. Community Will Increase Your Faith in the Supernatural

That you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith (Romans 1:12).

Your faith is strengthened by others with faith. This is why God sent Mary to stay with Elizabeth during the early stages of her pregnancy with Jesus. God was doing a new thing, and He was protecting Mary by having her be with someone who was also experiencing God’s miracles.

Daniel has created a nice community here at Revival Lifestyle to encourage people to believe God for the supernatural. By placing testimonies of others who are experiencing the hand of God, you can be encouraged to trust God for similar acts. The promises of God are not for a select few; they are for all who trust God enough to pursue them.

Let us be the people of God that rebukes the protagonists with the miraculous. Sure Jesus told Thomas it is better for those who believe and don’t see, but He still showed Thomas His hands and feet. God wants to be experienced and will remove every barrier if we would just let Him.

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