Following Your Heart to Find Your Calling


I am happy to share this interview with two amazing revival chasers, Kevin and Allison Shorter. Allison and I interned together at Bethel Church when I lived in California. She is a prophetic visionary with strong administration skills and the author of Creative Intercession. Kevin is businessman with a tender heart for people. He runs […]

New York Stylist Spends Sundays Cutting Hair For Homeless Instead Of Going To Church


Mark Bustos is a hair stylist at an upscale salon in New York City, but not all of his clientele have to be wealthy to get a quality trim. Sometimes, they don’t need a penny. Bustos spends every Sunday — his only day off from work — venturing through the city in search of anyone in need […]

This Man Just Found Heaven On Earth. And This Breathtaking Video Proves It.


This passionate photographer from Norway climbed the highest mountain in Spain on a mission to capture the Milky Way in all its glory. The result was an incredible series of time lapses, filmed over a period of 7 days in which he only slept 10 hours. And now, he’s sharing this experience with us.

“I have 422 friends, yet I’m lonely” – Find Out Why This Video Got 40 Million Hits Since April 25th 2014


Everyone should watch this video at least once and ask themselves in how far this applies to their lives. But how does true community look like? I wrote more on this topic here.

Homeless Man Wins Lottery – Watch How He Reacts!

homeless man wins lottery

Magician prankster Rahat wanted to give a gift to the homeless guy who lives down the block from him. But rather than simply walking up to him and handing him some cash, the YouTube user instead wanted the man to feel like he literally had stumbled upon buried treasure. The homeless man’s reaction to his […]

10 Ways You Can Change the World

10 ways you can change the world for jesus

This is a guest post by my friend and BSSM graduate Travis Young. If you’d like to see your writings published on the Revival Lifestyle Blog, just click here for more info. Now enjoy this great read! Pulling people out of wheelchairs, raising the dead, seeing eyeballs recreated as you pray, scooping brains back into […]

Why Young Christians Really Go To Church

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